Elevate: A Couples Retreat

A fresh take on New Year's Eve

December 30th - January 2nd

Seagrove Beach, Florida


A luxurious, one-of-a-kind experience

for goal-oriented couples

ready to up-level their relationship.


Set the tone for the new year, together!

Refresh.  Connect.  Elevate.







Join us for a 3 night New Year's Eve event

and kickstart 2019 with inspiration and tactics

to achieve your big dreams, together! 


  • Enjoy a beautiful, relaxing environment with your partner to celebrate 2018, and the start of a fresh year

  • Spend New Year's Eve in a luxurious private home in Florida

  • Get three days of rest and relaxation to fully refresh your mind, body and soul for the new year


  • Surround yourselves with like-minded couples for support and connection

  • Evaluate successes of 2018 and get the tools needed to achieve your goals in the new year with your partner

  • Learn tips and tricks for success from a seasoned psychotherapist


  • Elevate your entire life in 2019 with three days of intentionality to set the tone

  • Reconnect with your partner through activities, downtime and shared experiences

  • Build a community of Power Couples to inspire you and provide you accountability for reaching your big dreams in 2019


You're ready to elevate your life and relationship.

This event will take you there. 

Experience a New Year's Eve event like none other.

Walk into 2019 with the confidence, joy & connection you want and deserve!


Investing in myself and my relationship has been hands-down the best use of time, energy and money!
— Matt, 45
Working with Jamie transformed my life... from my mental wellbeing to my marriage - I highly recommend working with her!
— Katie, 34
Brooke & Wilhelm know how to inspire and educate couples to uplevel in fun, approachable ways!
— JC, 29


What to expect:

  • Couples goal-setting activities

  • A warm, intimate environment

  • Engaging, elevated experience

  • Luxurious private room and bath

  • All (Healthy) meals  

  • Morning Movement (Yoga, Meditation)

  • Alcohol and drug free New Year's Eve Celebration!

  • Guided vision board creation


Meet Your Hosts

As thought-leaders passionate about healthy, proactive relationships, Jamie, Pete, Brooke & Wilhelm are excited to introduce a fresh take on New Year's Eve!

Living their lives with intentionality and helping others do the same is their shared mission.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.45.03 PM.jpg

Jamie & Pete

Married and madly in love, these two are living in the Tampa Bay area of South Florida. Jamie is a psychotherapist and has been guiding individuals and couples on their way to wellness for 12 years. Together, these two have hiked the mountains of Peru, played the slots in Vegas, and relaxed in the mountains of North Carolina.

Walking the walk, they've seen seasons of joy (like when they got married in Key West) and pain (together they battled the after-effects of Jamie's cancer after she was diagnosed at age 29). Their motto is, "Mobile and Global" - they love to travel, be free and experience every amazing thing that this beautiful world has to offer.


Brooke & Wilhelm

Hosts of the Power Couples Podcast, they bring actionable advice and epic inspiration to the masses by sharing conversations with pros (therapists, coaches, you name it) and couples living the life!

Obsessed with minimalism, luxury and adventure - they've just moved into a solar-powered 320 sq foot tiny home on wheels! When they're not jet-setting, participating in global masterminds or photographing wellness retreats, they call Ohio "home-base". These two are wild about each other and on a mission to help you elevate your life by tapping into the amazing potential your partnership holds.